Doreen Georgi



  • 5/2014
    Dr. phil in Linguistics (summa cum laude), University of Leipzig, Faculty of Philology
    Thesis: Opaque Interactions of Merge and Agree: On the Nature and Order of Elementary Operations
  • 9/2009
    M.A. in General Linguistics and French Philology, University of Leipzig
    Thesis: Local Modelling of Global Case Splits
  • 10/2004–9/2009
    Studies in General Linguistics and French Philology, University of Leipzig


  • 5/2014–9/2015
    Post-doctoral researcher in the Research Training Programme Interaction of grammatical building blocks, University of Leipzig
  • 8/2011–4/2014
    Research assistant in the project Local modeling of non-local dependencies in syntax (PIs: Fabian Heck & Gereon Müller), funded by the DFG, University of Leipzig
  • 10/2009–7/2011
    Research assistant in the project The internal structure of person portmanteaus (PI: Jochen Trommer), funded by the DFG, University of Leipzig

    Research interests

    • (Inflectional) morphology, syntax and their interface
    • Locality and timing of operations
    • Local modelling of non-local dependencies
    • Mode of rule application (extrinsic vs. intrinsic ordering, simultaneous vs. sequential application)
    • Derivation vs. representation
    • Empirical domains: argument encoding, reflexes of movement, the syntax of the noun phrase, grammatical function changing processes



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    • Georgi, D. 2014. A reformulation of Baker et al. (1989) in terms of ordering.
    last modified: 02.01.2018