Ludger Paschen


  • 05/2018:
    PhD (Dr. phil.), University of Leipzig, Faculty of Philology
    Thesis: The interaction of reduplication and segmental mutation: A phonological account
  • 2014-2017:
    Doctoral student in the Research Training Programme Interaction of grammatical building blocks
  • 2011-2014:
    MA in Linguistics and Slavic Philology, University of Bochum
    MA-thesis: Grenztöne im Russischen – diskursive Funktionen und Verortung im Intonationssystem
  • 2008-2011:
    BA-studies, University of Bochum
    BA-thesis: Towards a descriptive acoustic analysis of the fricatives of the Adyghe language

    Research interests

    • (Supra)segmental phonetics
    • Typology, especially Caucasian langauges
    • Corpus linguistics
    • Prosody and discourse



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    last modified: 28.11.2018