Peter Staroverov


  • 2014-2016
    Post-doctoral researcher in the Research Training Programme Interaction of grammatical building blocks, University of Leipzig
  • 2008-2014
    PhD in Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, Rutgers University
    Dissertation: Splitting and the typology of consonant epenthesis
    Committee: Paul de Lacy (chair), Alan Prince, Akinbiyi Akinlabi, Marc van Oostendorp
  • 2002-2007
    MA in Theoretical and Applied linguistics (summa cum laude)
    Moscow State University, Philological Faculty, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

    Research interests

    • Phonology, Phonetics, Morphology
    • Epenthesis, phonological Opacity, too-many-solutions, phonetic realization of consonant clusters
    • Fieldwork and laboratory methods in phonology
    • Semantics: Plurality, reciprocity, nominal predicates



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    • Staroverov, P. 2014. Opacity in Lardil: Stratal vs. serial derivations in OT. In A. Assmann et al. (eds.), Topics at InfL (Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 92), 33–63. Universität Leipzig. [PDF]


    • Staroverov, P. 2017. Buriat dorsal epenthesis is not reproduced with novel morphemes.
    • Paschen, L. & P. Staroverov. 2017. Manner subsegments as predictors for allomorphy. Universität Leipzig/Wayne State University.
    last modified: 02.01.2018