Sampson Korsah


  • 07/2017:
    PhD (Dr. phil.), University of Leipzig, Faculty of Philology
    Thesis: Issues in Kwa Syntax. Pronouns and Clausal Determiners
  • 2014-2017:
    Doctoral student in the Research Training Programme Interaction of grammatical building blocks
  • 2009-2011:
    M.Phil. in Linguistics, University of Ghana, Legon
    MA-thesis: Transitivity and inherent complementation in Ga
  • 2004-2008:
    BA in Linguistics with Study of Religions, University of Ghana, Legon

Research interests

  • Syntax-morphology interface
  • Syntax-phonology interface
  • Syntax and discourse (in Kwa (Niger-Congo), especially Ga).



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  • Korsah, S. 2017. Object drop in Kwa and radical pro drop. [PDF draft]
  • Korsah, S. 2017. Reducing the overt-null object distinction to syntax.
  • Korsah, S. & A. Murphy. 2017. Tonal reflexes of A'-movement in Asante Twi. [PDF draft]
  • Korsah, S. 2015. Gã imperatives and richness of the base. [PDF draft]
last modified: 02.01.2018