Courses in the summer semester 2020

  • Gregory M. Kobele, Gereon Müller & NN (IGRA 01): Interacting building blocks in Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax I: Excitatory and inhibitory sequential interactions; Fr 11-13
  • Eva Zimmermann & NN (IGRA 05): Academic Skills for Linguists; We 9-11
  • Jochen Trommer (IGRA 06/MA-Ling): The Phonology and Phonetics of Tone; Th 9-11
  • Jochen Trommer & Ezer Rasin (IGRA 06/MA-Ling): Cyclic Stress; Th 15-17
  • Maria Kouneli (IGRA 07/MA-Ling): The Morphosyntax of Gender; Tu 13-15
  • Gereon Müller (IGRA 08/MA-Ling): Topics in Syntax; Tu 17-19
  • Sandy Chung (IGRA 09): Visiting Professorship Course; Compact course in July


last modified: 12.02.2020