Regular members

Dr. habil. Fabian Heck@Institute of Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Martin Haspelmath@MPI for the Science of human history
Prof. Dr. Gereon Müller@Institute of Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Doris Schönefeld@Institute of English studies
Prof. Dr. Barbara Stiebels@Institute of Linguistics
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sandhya Sundaresan@Institute of Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Jochen Trommer@Institute of Linguistices
Prof. Dr. Gerhild Zybatow@Institute of Slavonic studies

Associated members

Dr. Petr Biskup@Institut für Slavistik
Dr. Andreas Opitz@Institut für Linguistik
PD Dr. Martin Salzmann@Institut für Linguistik
last modified: 30.05.2017