Andrew Kostakis


Andrew Kostakis
Institut für Linguistik (IGRA)
Universität Leipzig
Beethovenstr. 15
D-04107 Leipzig

++49 341 97 37626
++49 341 97 37609


  • seit Mai 2016:
    Postdoc im Graduiertenkolleg Interaktion grammatischer Bausteine
  • 2015:
    Dual Ph.D. in Germanic Studies and Linguistics, Indiana University-Bloomington
    Minor in Germanic Philology,
    Dissertation: Height, Frontness and the Special Status of /r/, /l/ and /x/ in Germanic Language History
  • 2008:
    M.A. in Germanic Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington
    M.A. in Linguistics, Indiana University-Bloomington
  • 2003:
    B.A. in German, Binghamton University
    B.S. in Management, Binghamton University


  • Phonology
    Segmental Representations, Dorsal Sounds, Rhotics, Consonant-Vowel Interactions and Metaphony
  • Phonology-Morphology Interface
    Phonological Conditioning of Paradigmatic Overapplication and Underapplication
  • Sociolinguistics and Sound Change
    Optimality Theoretic Models of Variation and Change


  • 2010. Vestige Theory: Sociolinguistic Evidence for Output-Output Constraints. Lingua 120.10, 2476-2496.
  • 2007. More on the Origin of Uvular [R]: Phonetic and Sociolinguistic Motivations. Indiana University Linguistics Club Working Papers 7.2.
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