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  • 23.4.2014
    Sharon Rose (UC San Diego)
    Phonologically conditioned affix order: the case of Moro object markers
  • 14.5.2014
    Tobias Sheer (Nizza)
    Melody-free syntax
  • 21.5.2014
    Roberta d'Alessandro (U Leiden)
    Syntactic domains at PF, PF domains in syntax
  • 4.6.2014
    Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (U Manchester)
    French adjectival liaison: evidence for underlying representations
  • 25.6.2014
    Ingo Plag (U Düsseldorf)
    Homophony in morphology: The acoustic properties of English /s/ morphemes
  • 2.7.2014
    Ewa Dąbrowska (Northumbria)
    Speakers, usage, culture: language as a phenomenon of the third kind
  • 4.7.2014, 16:00-17:30!
    Tom Roeper (U Mass)
    UnLabelled Nodes in Acquisition and Morphology: How the Acquisition Path and Derivational Morphology Reveals Fundamental Operations
  • 16.7.2014
    Andrew Nevins (UC London)
    Experimental methods and morphological productivity
  • 17.7.2014, 17:15-18:45!
    Maria Polinsky (Harvard)
    What agreement theory can learn from closest conjunct agreement
  • 23.7.2014
    Andrew Nevins (UC London)
    Georgi's Pattern III in Phonology: Nonfinal chains of tone
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